My Pet Eland “Bokkie”


This is my adopted Eland buck pet called “Bokkie”. He resides on a neighbouring farm in Venterskroon. He is the most loveable male eland who is about 8 months old. Apparently he ran away from his mother when he was a day old preferring the company of humans. I just whistle like I call my dog and he comes running to me. He is fond of the attention he gets and he just loves eating foliage.

He is quite big now. But he is going to grow to be a really big buck. Below is some statistics about this buck courtesy of

Eland (Taurotragus oryx)


Largest antelope with distinct shoulder hump, males weigh up to 940kg and stand 1,8m at the shoulder; both sexes have horns; they can run at speeds of up to 40km/h and comfortably trot for longer distances at half that speed; amazing jumper capable of clearing a 2m fence;


Grazer and a browser, small herd sizes in Kruger of between two and five animals; tend to graze at night when the water content of plants is higher; one of the gentlest animals and will not charge even if cornered.